Mastercard Rugby World Cup

Client: Mastercard

Agency: Octagon

Media: Stills

Usage: Web & Social POS

This year Mastercard created a Man of the match Trophy for the Rugby world cup that was inspired by Japanese art of Origami and laser etching at the end of the match with details from the game. Something that had never been done before. We photographed a series of images to tell, the story of the laser etching and the man Jun Mitani who inspired the design.



Client: Guinness

Agency: AMVBBDO London

Media: Stills & Animated Gifs

Usage: Web & Social

For the Irish Beer brand Guinness I shot stills and animated Gifs to help tell the story of the Liberty Fields Rugby team. For an inspiring online content piece Guinness chose to tell the story of the first Japanese Womens Rugby team. It’s all about going against the grain and creating a fresh paths in life.

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Bondi Development

Client: Taylor

Agency: Extra Black

Media: Stills & Video

Usage: Web, Social, Print

When I make the crew start at 3:30am to capture the beautiful light I have to make sure the producer has good coffee and a great breakfast waiting.

Working with a local production manager we… Read more


BMW Social

Client: BMW Japan

Media: Stills & video

Usage: Social media

When photographing and filming the Z4 from BMW it was pouring with rain. We shot in the docklands of Shinagawa and in the Industrial area of Kawasaki. The Rain created a great atmosphere with the great reflections on the street. But with the constant rain were forced to use the environmental lighting as setting up strobes was too hazardous.

Sometimes on shoots there are things you can’t control but we just have to make the most of every situation.


Zink & Sons

Client: Zink & Sons

Media: Still & Video

Usage: Print & Web

This shoot was all about the bearded gentlemen. With a casting call sent out across facebook we found 4 bearded characters that could pull off the look. We shot in a temporary studio set up in the Zink & Sons showroom whilst our talent smoked cigars, drunk Whiskey and played with swords. An interesting combination.



Client: Krinklewood Bio Dynamic Winery

Media: Online video x 3

Usage: Web & Social

It was the dream job. Hanging around a winery in the most beautiful countryside sipping wine and eating cheese.

But in all seriousness my assistant and I did work hard. No matter how much wine is drunk we still have to get up before sunrise to capture the early light. There is no comprimise on getting the beautiful shots!


Sydney Beauty Expo

Client: Sydney Spa and Beauty exhibition

Media: Stills

Usage: Web & Print

I like shooting Beauty imagery as it is all about the lighting and the angles. It’s quite similar to car photography from that point of view. We shot a series of images for the promotion of the Sydney Spa and Beauty Exhibition. It was all about great natural skin and some nicely blended contouring.


Audi R8

Agency: Rise & Shine Japan

Media: Stills

Usage: Social

Working with Rise & Shine Japan I shot imagery for social media of the Audi R8. We photographed at night in the packing district of Tokyo as well as during the day in the cherry blossom avenues of Roppongi itchome..



Client: Self

Media: Still & Video

Usage: Web & Social

Over a few years I have learnt to box at a local gym. I always had interest in boxing and have come to respect if even more as I learnt the art myself.

I photograped and filmed some boxers in the studio trying to capture their physique and power. I love to use light and shadow to scuplt the body and figure. In photography using light to create interest is one of the powerful tools.


Medibank “Challenge it”

Client: Medibank

Agency: We are Unity

Media Video & stills

Usage: Internal

For a Medibank internal communications project I was tasked with creating a video that spoke about people experiencing discrimination and and how everybody should stand up to it.


Bespoke suits

Client: Zink & Sons

Media: Video & Stills

Usage: Web & Social

For Zink and Sons I concepted and created an online video to tell the story of their history and process. We shot and interview with Zink & Sons …Read more


Zink & Sons

Client: Zink & Sons

Media: Stills & Video

Usage: Web, Social, Print

For the this campaign I not only shot it but put the concept together. I don’t know how happy my camera operator was when I told him we had to balance upon the bow of a fast moving boat. But we balanced there together, him holding the camera and me holding him with no major losses into the sea.


Australian Actors in Hollywood


For this editorial I shot some young Australian actors who are making big waves in Hollywood. It’s great to work with talented people and see them make big pathways in the world.


Last Words

Short Film

Media: Video

‘Last Words’ tells the true stories of 8 convicts on death row and their last statements just before being executed. With this film we aim to raise awareness about the death penalty, a barbarian act still legal in more than 20 countries around the world.


Client: Randwick Council

Media: Stills

Usage: Image Library for web and print

For the local government I shot a series of lifestyle images to create a photographic library for their ongoing media needs. They wanted fun and natural moments captured in the local environments.



Client: Coca Cola company

Agency: McCaan

Usage: Web & Social media

For the summer Campaign for Sprite the wonderful creatives at McCaan created a hilarious character that goes around saving peoples lives and pulling bottles of Sprite out of his Swimming costume.


Paypal Shopkeepers

Client: Paypal

Agency: Isobar

Media: Stills

Usage: Web, Social media, Ooh

For this Paypal campaign we visited 4 different cities across Australia to photograph small business owners who were successfully using Paypal. We arrived at each location without seeing it previously and got to work creating Ad worthy image out of the situation.



Client: Glasko Smith Klein

Agency: URSA

Media: Stills

Usage: Web, print

For this campaign for Panadol we photographed Soccer star Ellyse Perry. She is a great Australian sport star and was a pleasure to work with.


Paypal & Woolworths

Client: Paypal

Agency: Isobar

Media: Stills

Usage: Web, Social Ooh

In a 1 day shoot we created 3 scenes at 3 different locations hustling from one location to another in a race against time. But with a happy client and creative team I slept well that night.


Cats and Dogs

Client: Bayer

Agency: Grey

Media: Stills

Usage: Print & Web

It’s always interesting working with animals. You never know how it is going to go. To achieve this image we shot the cat and the Dog separately. It was just too much distraction for them to be on set together. So with the magic of photoshop it’s all made easy.