Darker Matter


An artwork that explores the darkness that ties our psyche together. The darkness that we are born out of and the darkness that we return too. The darkness that we carry in our heart and that calls to us at night.

Laid bare


A portrait series depicting todays Australia.

In shooting this series I deliberately moved away from the media/commercial driven stereotype of the Australian beach goer as bronzed, muscular, Anglo-Saxon as typified by Max Dupain’s 1937 photo “ The Sunbaker". I wanted to find a contemporary view and capture a beauty in people that is real and links us all as humans.

Tokyo Industrial


At first I was drawn to mystery of the night and the enormity of the industry that feeds the largest metropolis in the world. But as I photographed and searched for images in the darkness of the night I have come to realise that what this series represents is the animal that controls and is destroying us. Man's achievements are represented by this stark dystopian world of industry. A world that is amazing for it’s achievements, advancements and power to shape and construct. It is a world that grows and grows signalling our ultimate demise.

Whilst shooting this series I have found myself at 4am in the morning surrounded by the buzzing and fumes of chemical plants that run 24/7 starting to dread the world that has been created as I realise that this all signals the planets demise. I fear that mans need to conquer, create and control is unstoppable and that it will irreversibly change this planet into the kind of world that we don't really desire. I revel in the enormity of our construction whilst feeling the horror of what it means.


Landscape series

I shot this series in the beautiful area of Kamikochi a few hours from Tokyo. Some people call it the Yellowstone National Park of Japan. But I though it was almost like the Disneyland of Nature. There were Thousands of Tourists being bussed in each day to take the day tour, there were restaurants, hotels and shops right next to the amazing views.

One morning at 4am when I was out photographing the sunrise I had lost all feeling in my hands in sub zero temperatures. However I was able to pick up a hot honey and lemon drink from a nearby vending machine. It was a total contrast between beautiful nature and the infrastuscture that supports the hoardes of tourists.




This series interprets the ebb and flow of life and energy in the universe. We follow the brief journey of a life energy, morphing from one form to another, gracefully dancing through the brief and un-noticed transformations, preparing itself for a different dimension.

This series was inspired by the transmission of our energies in and out of this world through birth and death and the many unanswered questions surrounding such phenomena. Visually creating these pure and almost supernatural moments I wanted to take the viewer into a circumstance where they are witness to a beautiful yet bizarre metamorphism and are forced to create their own narrative".

Born from the Stars


"Born from the stars" is a series that depicts the creation of my son Elijah. It depicts the miracle of life, thought and existence. With the contrasts of science on one hand and spiritual ideologies on the other hand we are left with many questions. The fact that we, this world and the universe were born is amazing. With the birth of my son I have been intrigued. To me he is like a king that has come from a far away galaxy. Science has driven me to see that we are a one in a billion complexity with a brain of connected neurons that allows us to think, write, breathe, talk and function. That is an amazement itself shrouded in mystery. This portrait of Elijah’s creation and existence is my meditation on the idea that the universe was born and then us.universe was born and then us.

Land of the Long White cloud

Exhibition & Time-Lapse film

The South island of New Zealand is a beautiful untouched part of this world and holds a treasure trove of amazing landscapes. On two visits I have only scratched the surface but have come away with some inspiring imagery. Apart from the annoying Sand Flies that hide in the forests waiting to suck your blood the place is a complete paradise and I look forward to many more visits.



This series captures the raw beauty of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and the confronting nature of its scale in time. With a geological history that is as old as complex life on earth, the landscape and it’s duration prompts us to explore the idea of our own brief flash of existence.

The revolutions of our earth within the universe and the erosion of a prehistoric mountain range are created by the forces of gravity that act throughout our universe and show us the ever changing nature of life. This landscape and it’s context gives us a perspective far greater than our own short life and inspires us.

Sydney faces


This project is a study into the faces that make up the population of Sydney. I love seeing and exploring the differences that make up the human race and I find that it is an interesting experiment to see how that is reflected in a multicultural city such as Sydney. To capture a snapshot of the population of Sydney at a particular point in time I photographed amlost a thousand portraits. I hope this will act as a historical document and a visual time capsule. It's amazing to see both our commonality and diversity contextualized at the same time.