Tokyo Bay Hyatt

Client: Hyatt Tokyo Bay

Media: Stills

For the newly built Tokyo Bay Hyatt I photographed their 2 head chefs. It was great to see them at work. They are two of Tokyos finest Chefs and create their amazing dishes right in front of you at the bar. We even got to eat it all at the end!!


Inside your mind

Short Documentary

Media: Video

I was training in a boxing gym in the evenings and would often overhear a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor lecturing his students at the end of practice. He had some inspirational thoughts and gave his advice to his students with great purpose. I felt there was a story behind it. I wondered from what place did these thoughts come from. I became intrigued. So I made this short documentary to find the answer.

The Comeback Trailer

Documentary (yet to be released)

Media: Video

Sandor Earl was banned from Rugby for 4 years for taking peptides. The newspaper headlines proclaimed that it was the darkest day in Australian sport and that his career was over. I met Sandor 3 years later and was surprised to meet one of the fittest and strongest people both in mind and body with one thing on his mind. The comeback.

Alvaro Flores

Short Documentary

Media: Video

Alvaro is one of the most sought after Tattoo artists in Australia. He was a waiting list almost a year long and creates the most exquisite works of art on peoples bodies. I made this short documentary to explore where his inspiration came from, what drove him to pursue such a thing and to understand what it is like to create a permanent work of art on a persons body.

Nageire-do on Mt Mitoku

Client: Tottori tourism

Media: Stills

I was sent to Tottori on assignment for a travel magazine to photograph what is meant to be the most dangerous temple visit in Japan. There I had the extraordinary experience of climbing the Mouniatin with Sanbutsu-ji Temple’s assistant head priest, Ryōjun Yoneda. He told us that having a respect for mountains is an important aspect of Sangaku Shinkō, Japan’s ascetic ‘mountain creed’. As we climbed we all had to chant in unison the words, ‘rokkon-shōjō’, a chant of purification to cleanse the mind and the senses. It was also to keep us going on the arduous climb.Mt Mitoku was sanctified as a place of worship in 706 by En no Gyōja, the priest and mystic who is said to have founded the ascetic Shūgendō faith. Later, in 849, Ennin, head of the Tendai Buddhist order, founded Sanbutsu-ji Temple on Mt Mitoku, dedicating the temple to the Buddhist deities Amitabha,Mahavairocana and Sakyamuni.It is a beautiful place and well worth a visit.


Ricky Colosimo

Online Content

Media: Stills & Video

Ricky is a fighters fighter with heart and speed. He trains with desire and fights like there is no tomorrow.

Yukio Akamine


Media: Stills & Video

Coming soon is a Documentary on Living style legend Yukio Akamine. I was lucky enough to meet Yukio Akamine through a mutual friend. For those who don’t already know him he is a an advisor of style, a gentlemen of class and one of the leaders of Japanese Male fashion. He is inspired by the classics, loves vintage and old Carrie Grant movies.

He champions not only fashion but a gentlemans lifestyle that has blended European fashion influneces with the japanese Bushido spirit and tradition.


Sanja Matsuri

Photographic Documentary

Media: Stills

The Sanja Festival (三社祭, Sanja Matsuri) is an annual festival in the Asakusa district. It is a celebration of the three founders of Sensoji Temple, who are enshrined in the Asakusa Shrine. The Matsuri features almost one hundred Mikoshi (portable shrines) in which Kami (Shinto Gods) are paraded about the streets to bring good fortune to the local businesses and residents.

Seoul Food

Photographic Documentary

Media: Stills

When in Korea for work I came across the Myeongdang night food markets. In amongst the colorfully lit fashion district the food market created an amazing buzz and spectacle. There were all sorts of foods on offer and it attracted people like bees to a honeypot. A good place to spend the night.


Mt Isa Rodeo

Client: Mt Isa Rodeo

Media: Stills & Video

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Mt Isa Rodeo to film a short Documentary on the Bull riders. What I found was the toughest and nicest people with an amazing camaraderie. The riders had come from the furthest parts of Australia, some driving for 30 hours to compete for the honour of mastering the beast and to ride out their 8 seconds.